Thursday, November 20, 2014

Installing a Micro-Tsunami TSU-750 Digital Sound Decoder in a Kato N-Scale FEF-3

December 23, 2014 Update: A complete Application Note detailing this installation is now available. Please note that we are planning to add new photos to the document for clarity. However, if you want to tackle the installation now, all of the essential information is available in the Application Note.

Original Post:
Within the next few weeks, Kato will ship its new N-scale Union Pacific FEF-3 and passenger train. It's easy to add great sound to this model with our Micro-Tsunami TSU-750 for Heavy Steam, our small 25mm x 14mm oval speaker and gasket.

We have mocked up the installation process using a pre-production sample of the model. When we receive the final version, we'll create an Application Note detailing the installation. 
Kato N-scale FEF-3 locomotive, SoundTraxx Micro-Tsunami TSU-750 for Heavy Steam,
25mm x 14mm speaker and gasket.
First, remove the tender shell and note the location of the weight. 

Remove the weight and adhere the speaker gasket in its place.
At this point, drill holes in the floor to allow the sound to escape. 

Mount the speaker to the gasket. The shell will complete the speaker baffle. Shorten the two round pillars in the tender shell if needed to accommodate the speaker. Split the weight in half and reinstall it on either side of the speaker.

Using double-sided foam tape, mount the decoder to the underside of the tender shell. 

Wire up the speaker leads and the track pickups to the decoder. A backup light can be installed now if desired. There should only be four wires left for the headlight and the motor. Leave these wires outside of the front of the tender and reinstall the shell. 

Remove the locomotive shell and wire the leads accordingly. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

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