Friday, April 27, 2012

SoundBytes XLX

We’ve been working on many new things here in Durango for you. Spring season doesn’t mean time to slow down, it seems we’ve been busier than usual! In this edition, we will share some history about another version of the C-19s and 2-8-0 locomotives. We also have an upcoming appearance now in Arkansas in May. We have also received the boxcar and stockcar shipment here on our doorstep!

Arkansas Visit
We would like to welcome Arkansas Traveler Hobbies in Bald Knob, AR to our Dealer Network. To help introduce SoundTraxx and Blackstone Models to his product line, George will be visiting the store on May 12th giving a few clinics on using Tsunami decoders and installing Tsunami decoders as well as answering your questions!  If you are nearby, be sure to come in to see him and see first hand how to get the most from your decoders!  For more information on clinic times and to sign up to attend, please contact them at 501.724.5326.

Blackstone Models:
With the new run of C-19s and 2-8-0 locomotives coming in early 2013, we wanted to share some of the features of these unique locomotives with everyone. This time, we will speak a bit to the #401, Class 70 Denver and Rio Grande Locomotive. Blackstone is pleased to be the first company to ever offer a painted ready to run version of a class 70 locomotive of the D&RG as it appeared frequently from Durango to Alamosa during the 1910s and into the early 1920s.

From the original 2-8-0 locomotives, the D&RG began a re-building program in the early teens that included new boilers, adding the dynamo, air pump, but still retained the box-style headlamp and the fluted smoke box door. In 1921, the Railroad re-organized as the Denver and Rio Grande Western. It was around 1923 that these locos underwent another program that would eventually classify these locos as C-19s and be re-numbered 340-349.
This model is perfect for those that wish to model the earlier times of the railroad. The upcoming release of Passenger Car Red coaches (PN B350110) would be right at home behind this unique locomotive.

We have received the new run of the Boxcars and Stockcars here in Durango Friday, April 27th. These cars will begin shipping mid week to our dealers around the globe.

These cars are a new run of 6 road numbers for each of the boxcars and stockcars, optionally available factory weathered. These cars are high in demand, so be sure to contact your local hobby shop to ensure you get some for your collection!

Boxcars.. MSRP Non-Weathered 67.95       Stockcars.. MSRP Non-Weathered 67.95
                                    Weathered 74.95                                           Weathered 74.95

B340128(W) #3146 MT Herald                  B340226(W) #5510 FG Herald
B340129(W) #3303 No Herald                   B340227(W) #5578 FG Herald
B340130(W) #3328 FG Herald (Lt Fade)    B340228(W) #5669 FG Herald
B340131(W) #3426 FG Herald (Hvy Fade) B340229(W) #5723 FG Herald
B340132(W) #3587 FG Herald                    B340230(W) #5825 FG Herald
B340133(W) #3743 FG Herald                   B340231(W) #5605 B2/3 Herald

Next Blackstone Models shipment will have the All-New East Broad Top Hoppers along with the second run of Passenger Coaches and the third run of the Narrow Frame Tank Cars. This shipment is currently expected to arrive here around the first week of June. Be sure to visit for more information.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Welcome to another Edition of SoundBytes. We have a lot to cover this time. We will discuss upcoming shows, start a new segment where we introduce a Blackstone Models loco version and we’ll take a virtual visit to New Jersey to meet Nate, one of our dealers. Lots to do, so let’s get started.

Upcoming Trade Shows:
Don’t forget, the Calgary Supertrain show is coming up quickly. Be sure to come in and say Hello and see what products we will bring to show.

It is being held April 20th-22nd at the Subway Soccer Centre in Calgary Alberta.

Our next show currently scheduled will be at the NMRA National show in Grand Rapids, MI being help the first week in August. There is still time to plan a trip (If you’re not nearby) to come visit and see what we may have in store for new announcements!
Be sure to keep checking back on new announcements and upcoming appearances for our staff.

Blackstone Models:
With the new run of C-19s and 2-8-0 locomotives coming in early 2013, we wanted to share some of the features of these unique locomotives with everyone. At this moment, we have not received pre-production samples of these locos yet, but we do have livery artwork and some information about each model to help familiarize the modelers with each version. This time, we will look closely at the Rio Grande Southern #41.

This new model of the 41 that we are producing in this run will have a newly tooled correct straight-sided tender among many other details to accurately model this locomotive! One of only 3 surviving C-19s, the 41 is one of the most storied narrow gauge locomotives ever to traverse the 3-foot rails of Colorado.

From Michael Ripley Collection

Blackstone Models is proud to produce the 41 as it appeared in the 1930s and 40s on the RGS. This model is the perfect companion for those that have purchased the RGS 40 in the previous run or any of the Blackstone RGS K-27s. Today this engine can still be appreciated in California, operating at Knott’s Berry Farm. This model will optionally be available with factory weathering, as well as a non-weathered version. Be sure to pre-order your RGS 41 with your local hobby shop soon!

Dealer Spotlight:
Nathan Kline is the owner of Nate’s Light Iron Hobbies, a hobby shop dedicated to model trains and related accessories. He has been interested in trains and model railroading all his life, especially narrow gauge and the East Broad Top railroad.

His interest in trains and model railroading and his many years of modeling experience inspired him to establish Nate’s Light Iron Hobbies in August of 2007 to bring a unique business to all fans of narrow gauge and shortline model railroading. Nate’s Light Iron Hobbies specializes in narrow gauge and shortline model railroading as well as DCC and sound. They offer competitive pricing and, above all, excellent customer service. As an authorized SoundTraxx and Blackstone Models dealer they stock all current SoundTraxx decoders and accessories and all current Blackstone Models items, including many items no longer available from the factory!

Although narrow gauge and shortline model railroading is their specialty, they do offer all popular scales and brands of model trains and accessories and don’t believe in offering their customers anything Nate wouldn’t personally use on his own model railroad! Please visit them on the web and shop online at or call him at 610-406-1761. Be sure to tell Nate you saw his spotlight here!