Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SoundBytes XLXII

While the temperatures start to get hot, so too are our New releases and announcements so far this year. Summer has arrived, and we have a piping hot edition of SoundBytes for you. We’ll discuss the new Blackstone Models arrivals, invite everyone for factory tours and introduce you to another of our dealers, Crusader Rail Service in Pennsylvania!

Factory Tours
Travel is part of many of our summer plans, usually to visit tourist railroads located throughout the world. We are lucky to have one of the most popular tourist destinations here in Durango with the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.
If your travel plans include a visit to railroad in the San Juan Mountains, you are invited to come and tour our manufacturing facility. We do design and build all of our decoders here in Durango and you are welcome to come see what we do here. Because the railroad is a popular destination, we do get a lot of requests for tours, so if you are planning on coming, please call ahead to help us schedule a time for your visit.
We will be happy to see you! Our toll free number is 888.789.7637.

We have recently received new updated samples of our New Integrated Roadbed Track system called ProTraxx.

This will become a full line of track sections including turnouts (Switches), multiple radius curves, multiple length straights, crossings, etc. To introduce this line of track products based on the KATO Unijoiner, we will start by offering an oval starter set and individual sections in 4-packs. We are expecting these first components to be available in the fall, with more to quickly follow. If you are interested in ProTraxx, be sure to let your hobby shop know! Feel free to contact us for more details.

Blackstone Models Shipments
The new run of Open Platform Passenger coaches, the new Narrow Frame UTLX Tank cars, and the all-new East Broad Top 3-Bay Open Top Hopper will be arriving soon. Quantities are limited, so be sure to get some of these cars on order with your local hobby shop to be sure you get yours before they are gone. These cars are hot items, so we do not expect them to last long at our facility.

Lighting Modules
With the impending release of the new run of Blackstone Models Passenger coaches, don’t forget to get the SoundTraxx Dual Mode Flicker Free Lighting Decoder, specifically for the coaches!

This uses the wipers supplied with the cars to easily illuminate the interior for your scale passengers! The MSRP is only $35.95 for a 4-function dual model decoder with the LED lights already in place!

810136- Lighting Dual Mode Decoder for Blackstone Models Passenger Coach
810137- Lighting Dual Model Decoder for Blackstone Models Long Caboose

New Release of C-19s, the RGS 41
We have received some of the first samples of the upcoming run of C-19 and 2-8-0 locomotives. Here we’ll share a pre-production photo of the New RGS 41.
These, along with the other C-19 and 2-8-0 locomotives are currently available for preorder.  More information can be found here:,, and

Dealer Spotlight: Crusader Rail Service:
CRUSADER RAIL SERVICES of Philadelphia, PA was created in 1997 by Ray & Mary Kaminski to offer custom sound system installations, repairs, upgrades and modifications to locomotives, rolling stock and railroad-related equipment.
Ray’s love of trains goes back to his first Lionel set in 1953, HO in 1959 and Narrow Gauge in the mid 60’s (favorite railroads include the Reading, EBT, B&O, D&RGW, Western Maryland, Maine Central and Maine 2-foot Railroads).
Mary came to the hobby much later, but is no less a narrow gauge fan.

The 2001 acquisition of a devoted narrow gauge business allowed Crusader Rail to expand into sales of HO, HOn3, S and O scale products for the craftsman-level modeler, in both standard and narrow gauges. They are a specialty shop, featuring unique vendors that are chosen for their quality and attention to detail. They are currently in the process of expanding their narrow gauge inventory.
In 2006, Crusader Rail became a SoundTraxx dealer along with Blackstone Models.  DCC and sound equipment, figures, track and turnouts, bridges, buildings, narrow gauge kits, tools, and detail parts are just some of the many items stocked.
Check out their website at  Or catch them at one of the over 14 major shows from Maine to Ohio that they attend. Ray and Mary can also be found at most of the Narrow Gauge Conventions. If you get the chance, call (215-482-7530) or email ( - you’ll be pleasantly surprised!