Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SoundBytes XLV

Happy New Year to everyone! Make your new year’s resolution to get on those Tsunami sound conversions you have been putting off. You’ll be happy you did!

Now, on to our first post of 2012. First up, SoundTraxx was presented a model railroad product award from a popular regional magazine! Also, we have gotten some initial feedback on the new SurroundTraxx to share. Next, we will quickly recap upcoming 2012 Blackstone Models releases, and for our Tech Tip: An introduction to Bachmann’s new Tsunami Sound decoder arrangement!

Football Anyone?We have a small rivalry going on in the office here at SoundTraxx.  Allison, one of our sales people, is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, while Jaime, our Administrative Assistant, is a huge New England Patriots fan.  Now that these two teams are meeting in the AFC Championship game, there is some fun bantering going on from these two.  (It also helps that Nancy, co-owner of SoundTraxx, is a Pats fan as well!)  No matter what this weekend's game holds, I'm sure the fireworks will fly from the winner on Monday!

SoundTraxx News:
We are proud to have received the 2011 Gold Rail Award for Best New Model Railroading Product voted on by a panel of readers of the Cowcatcher magazine for our DCC mobile decoder product line!

These decoders offer all motor and Hyperlight light control to allow any non-sound decoder-equipped locomotive to more easily speed match with a Tsunami sound-equipped locomotive. 
This includes the F11 brake feature turning an ordinary sound effect into an actual working brake! If you have not yet used these decoders, be sure to give them a try!
 We are confident you’ll enjoy operations with these decoders!

Now that the SurroundTraxx has been shipping for a few months now, we have gotten some great feedback. Many of the comments refer to the great quality sound now able to be achieved, even in small scales!
We have updated the information pages to give a more-in depth look at the product. Be sure to check this exciting new product for sound here:

Blackstone Models News:

This will be a busy year for Blackstone Models. We start off with the impending arrival of the new K-27 expected to arrive mid-February.
Following that will be the new passenger coaches expected to arrive in early spring,

Boxcars in late spring, stock cars in early summer, and the tank cars in mid fall. Included is the much-anticipated EBT Hoppers scheduled to arrive in early summer as well! The guaranteed reservation order deadlines on these models have passed, so if you have not yet ordered your new releases, be sure to do so before these popular models are all snapped up!
We have not passed the deadline for the second run of C-19s yet, so be sure to contact your dealer today!

Tech Tip:
This Month we will introduce you to the Bachmann’s new optional sound module design. The first locomotive to be released with this arrangement is the Spectrum HO B&O EM-1.
Inside the model, is a SoundTraxx dual-mode DC/DCC decoder. This allows the model to be run out of the box in either DC or DCC without sound. To add in SoundTraxx Tsunami sound, you will need to order the sound module through your dealer from Bachmann. ( This is a 21-pin plug-in module that simply plugs into the 21-pins on the mobile decoder already installed to create a DC/DCC Tsunami sound decoder. The speaker is already installed in the model allowing a simple conversion to a sound model.
Some of the confusion stems from the 21-pin plug on the decoder. There are many European models that use this connector for the DCC decoder installation as well. This Tsunami sound module does not follow the NMRA Standard 21-pin protocol. Instead it is unique to the SoundTraxx interface for use with the Bachmann motor decoder only, even though connector is the same. Using any other brand decoder other than the Tsunami sound module available from Bachmann will result in damage to either the SoundTraxx motor decoder or the other brand of decoder attempted. Be sure to use only the SoundTraxx Tsunami sound module available from Bachmann.
Once the Tsunami sound module is installed, you will have a Tsunami sound decoder for their great HO Steam Locomotive.
This design will be coming up on future Spectrum products as well, so be sure to note these for your customer.