Monday, February 13, 2012

SoundBytes XLVI

This year has started off great! We’ve been busy, so this year also has been moving quickly. We looked up and it’s already the middle of February! We have lots to cover this time, including the new painted samples of the much-anticipated EBT Hoppers, the arrival of the new run of K-27 locomotives. For our Tech Tip, we will discuss the implementation of CVs 5 and 6 in our MC2 line of DCC Mobile Decoders.

In-Office Rivalries…
The last few weeks have been fun with the NFL playoffs. Allison had her heart broken when the Ravens had a chance to win and missed the field goal. Last weekend, the Patriots lost the championship to the Giants. Overall, these games turned out to be close and fun to watch. Good friendly fun and entertainment was had by all of us here. Hockey season is going, so more rivalries to come!

We have just gotten our new run of K-27 locomotives in our Blackstone Models product line here late on Friday. Once these undergo inventory and inspection, they will begin shipping out the dealers late this week.
This run includes the popular RGS #455 post-wreck. Many of these locomotives are almost sold out, so be sure to get your order in for these before they are all gone!

We also have received the first decorated samples of the East Broad Top Hoppers here in Durango for us to review. These cars look great and should look good on any HOn3 layout!

These cars are expected to arrive here early this summer! The demand for these cars has high and will be at home on any HOn3 layout!

Following the K-27s will be the next run of box cars, stock cars, EBT hoppers, passenger cars, a third run of tank cars and then new C-19s.

Tech Tip:
Now featured in the MC2 series DCC Mobile decoder line (and Bachmann’s New Spectrum Series 2-part decoders and their “Sound Value” line of decoders) is the ability to quickly adjust speed tables using CV 5 (Top Speed) and CV 6 (Mid Speed). This allows the user to easily set the top speed of a locomotive or quickly speed match with other locomotives in the fleet. For example, if a top speed of 80% of full throttle is desired, set CV 5 to 204, then set CV 6 to 102 for even acceleration across a linear speed table. CV 6 could be set to 50 to give smaller gains in speed through the first half of the throttle, but larger gains through the second half of the speed table until the top speed is reached. They work together to create a 3-point speed table.
CVs 5 and 6 are active when standard speed tables are selected using CV29. Setting CV29 to activate alternate speed tables, disables CVs 5 and 6, but activates CVs 66-95 for more refined speed table setup.